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Our Career Satisfaction Self Coaching Program helps you to decide if you should stay or go - and to develop actions how to gain your job satisfaction & fulfillment back.

This Career Satisfaction Self Coaching Program is right for you if you've ever thought or said ...

  • I feel not good and happy at my workplace and its dynamics.I don't know where to begin.
  • I feeel stuck in my career development, with my role and its responsibilities or with your team.
  • I want to know where my lack of job satisfaction originates from.
  • I want clarity how I can improve my job situation (e.g. asking for higher salary, settling conflict with team members, becoming more vocal and visible in meetings with CEOs, etc.) and your current workplace - if this is an option.
  • If no improvements seem to be applicable or possible I want to take the firm decision to find a new role in a new team or a new job in another company to gain back my job satisfaction and career fulfillment.

With MY NU WAYS! Programs you have Self Care Space that helps you to a healthier Life & purposeful Career! Join our ONLINE RETREAT SPACE to dedicate time purposefully to yourself.

Take transformative and reflective self care timeouts to nurture your Well-Being, Professional & Personal Development and (Mental) Health – like you would do if you would spend time at the gym, at the hairdresser, at the beautician, etc. 

So I figured it out! I recommend the program! // Tully, Canada

It helped me to bring sense and structure to my workplace madness - and to decide to walk away. Very effective program. // Conny, Netherlands

Great one! It made me looking behind the curtains. // Rosalind, UK

I understand now where my job dissatisfaction roots from - and it's not money and recognition at all as I believed first. It' about personal freedom and purpose.  // Jean Marc, France

Trust the Process of this Career Satisfaction Self Coaching Program

This Career Fulfillment Coaching Program combines Career Coaching & Decision Making. It helps you to see the whole picture of your workplace environment, its (hidden) dynamics and rules - and where the lack of your job satisfaction and career fulfillment sources from. It drives your clarity, confidence and motivation. It sheds a light on your workplace structures and the people dynamics that you will need in order to be able to develop  solutions that improve your situation - or to take a decision to move on.

This all provides you with everything you need to make a change towards your new job. Melanie & Angelika have created this coaching program to support you in this not-easy-step in your career so you can follow along and stress less about your situation. Also, you benefit from our Online Community. 

You can mix and match all our Self Coaching Programs and benefit from a unique coaching experience that fits your needs and supports you in your everyday life. 

Browse through our programs on Self-Care and Well-Being, building healthy lifestyle and relationships, driving your personal and professional development - and nurturing your curiosity to empower the best version of yourself.

If you'd like to purchase more than one program, take advantage of our Life & Career Membership options and get access to all our Self Coaching Programs at a discounted rate.