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Self-love course

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Nanuk says:

The coaching with Nicole and Coen are worth their weight in gold. They bring so much energy and love with them. The meditations are beautiful and touched me deeply. You can tell they put their entire heart into their work and I am so grateful for their help. There is a lot of wisdom and experience from Coen and Nicole in the coachings, which makes it very authentic for me and gives you the feeling that everything is possible on my personal path. I am looking forward and excited for my future ahead. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!

Nicola says:

Nicole and Coen have helped and guided me through a very rough period in my life. They gave me lots of tips and instructions that I still use “preventively” today. Both live absolutely out of their hearts and help other people with their warm and loving nature where they can. They bring a lot of love into this world. Thank you both!

Sara says:

Nicole and Coen have been coaching me for over a year now. I am very grateful that they both exist and that I have mastered various life- and crisis situations with the help of both of them. It didn’t matter if they used EFT, Theta healing, Theki, chakra healing, heart opening, depending on the individual situation they intuitively knew which technique to use and it was every time super powerful. You quickly feel that both of them are professionals who have been dealing with different coaching techniques and spirituality for many years.

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