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A Course in Lunging:

Master Healthy Lunging
online seminar
submodule 1
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Understanding Horse Movement
online seminar
submodule 2


Solving Lunging Problems
online seminar
submodule 3


Lunging meets Markertraining
online seminar
submodule 4


Lunging Riding Figures
online seminar
submodule 5


Lateral Movements
online seminar
submodule 6

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Online Seminar | Lateral Movements

Lateral movements from the ground

6. Submodule 

In this webinar Babette explain gentle ways to improve your horse’s ability to move forward and sideways, bringing it to life with many videos of different horses.

Lateral movements require rhythm, strength, balance, suppleness and coordination. Babette will show you strengthening and stretching exercises and I will provide help for common problems that might arise.

At the end of this webinar, you will have a better understanding of lateral work and its biomechanics. This online seminar is a step by step guide on how to explain lateral movements to your horse first close to the horse, later at a distance.

Babette will explain the following exercises to you:

  • Shoulder-in
  • Counter shoulder-in
  • Stepping over
  • Haunches-in
  • Haunches-out
  • Half-pass
  • Leg yield


Lunging lateral movements at a distance is a wonderful opportunity to work on the lunge in a varied and highly gymnastic way.


My training follows the principles of my “The Course in Lunging” Self-study course. 


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Babette Teschen



Dear Babette, many thanks for yesterday's online seminar. As a beginner, it was amazing to get so many interesting and science based things explained in an easy manner. At no moment did it feel boring.
Your vivid way to explain everything step by step made me feel like being in the arena with you. 
I greatly appreciate the recording too. Since I wasn't as lucky to participate in your course, I now have the chance to watch the recording anytime. 
by Michaela
Hello Babette, two weeks ago I participated in your online seminar "Master healthy lungeing". 
In the beginning I was quite skeptical about joining an online course. My doubts were erased, asI I absolutely loved it. 
Sitting in front of my laptop helped me to fully concentrate on your talk without being distracted by noises or questions. 
I especially like the fact that the recording has no time limit and provides bonus material. That way I can rewatch it, if needed. 
I enjoyed the descriptive videos and pictures a lot. I am a visual and auditory learner and not so much a bookworm. In my opinion the price is fair. 
Many thanks for the online seminar. I am happy I was able to virtually "meet" you that way. 
by Ute


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