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MT5 Martingale Class

In the MT5 Martingale Class you will learn how to write

Martingale and Grid Expert Advisors

for the MetaTrader 5.

In the course various programs are written which you can use for your own trading and further adapt with your newly acquired knowledge.

  • One Direction Martingale Expert Advisor
  • Box Trading Martingale Expert Advisor

This course picks up beginners as well as advanced developers. He accompanies you step by step to reach your goal.

All videos are in a logical order. Programming basics are taught in the beginning. Even if you are a complete beginner you will learn all the necessary basics to be able to understand and programm the martingale functions.

You do not need any previous knowledge. This course teaches you everything you need to know, starting with variables, operators, control structures and more...

At the end of this course you have all the requirements to implement martingale and grid trading strategies in an expert advisor.

So you will unterstand these mechanisms and make yourself independent from any EA seller in the internet. This is the best way to not be fooled and take responsibility for your own trading success.

Take control of your trading and professionalize your automated trading by investing in yourself and learning the programming craft that nobody can take away from you!



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