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THEKI® 1 Basic Seminar | 15. June - 05. July 2024

The THEKI 1 seminar offers you an introduction and is also the basis for all other THEKI seminars.

THEKI is the beginning of a new life. YOUR life in a new version. If you want it. Self-determined. Conscious. Free. Healthy. Successful. Happy. You!

The seminar is open for 21 days (THEKI® 1 Basic Seminar | 15. June - 05. July 2024)

The THEKI 1 online seminar includes:

  • 42 individual videos for all lessons
  • 19 extra meditations as MP3's
  • Detailed explanations, exercises, and meditations
  • High-quality & comprehensive manual as PDF for download
  • Exclusive access to THEKI Telegram groups
  • Weekly Zoom calls with Sandra & Sabine
  • Certificate personally signed by Sandra
  • Activation for all further seminars you can book from THEKI 1 onwards
  • Free app for mobile phone & tablet. After one download click, your content is available offline.
EUR 515.00

THEKI® 1 Basic Seminar - Manual and Certificate

Your lovingly designed manual for the THEKI® seminar + certificate* personally signed by Sandra.

We will send you the manual and the certificate as soon as possible after your seminar booking**. If the manual does not arrive in time for the start of the seminar, you can still download it in PDF format and start your online seminar!

*Because this is a physical (printed) manual, we are required to include it on the sales form for tax purposes and declare it separately for tax purposes.

**Unfortunately, we have no influence on the transit times of the shipping service providers.

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