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Clipskills - Punch Class EN

In this 90-minute video course with a total of 8 lessons I show you my techniques, tricks & workflows for ultra-sharp images!
In addition to important basic knowledge on the topics of depth of field, focus and details, I'll show you which techniques you can use to save slightly out-of-focus images and why it's worthwhile to understand digital images as a representation of frequencies. In this course, I'll also reveal my trade secret, which I usually only reveal in my one-on-one coaching sessions: my Photoshop workflow for three-dimensionality and punch - and all without dodge-and-burn! You won't find this method anywhere else!

The following contents await you:

  • Theory input on focus, sharpness, and imaging digital media in frequency space.
  • My workflow for sharpening RAWs
  • Everything you need to know about the texture, clarity and haze removal sliders
  • My technique for rescuing out-of-focus images
  • Pop contrasts using my unique technique for more punch & dimensionality
  • Highlighting faces through clever colorgrading
  • Bonus package consisting of the RAW file and a Photoshop action for resharpening!

This course is designed for beginners and advanced photographers. Basic knowledge of working with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop is assumed.

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