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BE YOURSELF - The Light Language Chant

The light-language chant containing the primordial Creation of connection to one's soul, its original blueprint, and its mission

  • Spiritual transformation through mindful, periodical listening to the chant containing light codes of primordial Creation

  • Access to download 2 MP3 audio files containing the light language chant BE YOURSELF.

  • The chant comes in two parts. The track length of Part A is 4:20. The track length of Part B is 3:59 minutes.

  • Total file size: ca. 15 MB

Energetic and spiritual transformation through light language conveyed by the souls of Katharina, MOTHER MARY and YESHUA

With every time you listen to BE YOURSELF, it will release low frequencies and vibrations that are not in tune with the Source creation of connection to one's soul

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