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Wordpress Kommentar List Building Plugin

WP Comments List Building Premium +Klick-Tipp, MailChimp,...

Get your Wordpress Comments List Building Premium License for one domain.

Add a unique Teaser to each blog post, page and
all other post types with comments like
WooCommerce product reviews or
OptimizePress comments.

Transfer your leads to your favorite email marketing service like MailChimp or Klick-Tipp.

Choose where to transfer per post or page.


WordPress WooCommerce E-Mail-Marketing Klick-Tipp, MailChimp

Your benefits:

  • Generates instant & more turnovers with your customers
    on your WooCommerce shop or your WordPress users.
  • WordPress WOO-EMI connects your Woo-Customer/
    WP-User and your email marketing tool.
  • Your business value sticks in your email list.

Basic Plugin Version (Free)

  • Transfer customer user role
  • Transfer customer order Status
  • Define one double opt-in process

To receive all the benefits from above, the active premium version 
sent 10 times more data to your email marketing service:

  • Transfer user by all available standard WordPress user roles
  • Define a double opt-in process for each user role 

Transfer and create following tags:

  • order status,
  • product(s) bought (on status "completed")
  • product(s) categories (on status "completed")
  • order amount in 50 digi steps
  • bought within last 6 month or/and 3 month
  • sent a date per product to an additional Klick-Tipp field

You get the premium license key for one URL.
With this key you can unlock the premium features of the WooEMI Plugin.

You get premium installation support.


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