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Heal Revolution Rainbow Package


With :

Dr. Eric Pearl, Ina Rudolph, Dr. Paul Drouin M.D., Caroline Cory, Martin Zoller, Mara Eickermann,  Ruediger Dahlke, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Coldwell, Sabrina Fox, Bodo Deletz, Lena Giger, Uwe Albrecht, Petra A. Jäggi, Raho Bornhorst, Katharina Nestelberger, Sonja Ariel von Staden, Sven von Staden, Martin Zoller, Oazis Zoller, Michael Monk, Hira Hosen, Tom Peter Rietdorf, Mari Nil, Christine Giner and Pauline Rousse and many more.

  • All 45 interviews in Video file
  • All 45 interviews as mp3 audios
  • The Movie "Real Healing Stories"
  • All the practical exercices in mp4 and mp3:
  • the “Soul medicine” Video with delfins & wales from Lisa Biritz
  • the exercice “Bringing Joy into your life” from Mara Eickermann
  • the EFT (emotional freedom techniques) exercise “Heal Emotional Wounds” from Meire Yamaguchi
  • The Angel Healing Songs from Sonja Ariel von Staden
  • The healing song “Just be” from Liz Howard
  • the Meditation “Remembering who you really are” & the meditation “Connecting to source” von Caroline Cory
  • the Video “What I Eat In A Day – Almost Fully Raw Vegan & My Productive Morning Routine” from Dorothy Shelton
  • the Breath Healing exercise of Dr. Leonard Coldwell
  • the “Be Source” meditation of Hira Hosen
  • the amazing clairvoyance exercise from Michael Monk
  • The video “The power of thoughts” from Pauline Rousse
  • The “Check in” meditation from Sara Avant Stover
  • The “Arm length test” of Uwe Albrecht
  • The Feeling Travel from Burkard Koller & Katrin Stigge

Ensure your video materials to over 35 hours plus all the bonus exercises and the movie "Real Healing Stories". When you buy the digital product you will get automatic all the login details to the English und German recording. All notations are available in German and English.

You will find all in the members area and to download for you to go.

From and with Pauline Rousse & Christine Giner
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