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Vegan Monkey

Your vegan showing-pictures-book for the whole world

Vegan Monkey helps you around the whole world. With a lot of easy understandable pictures you can eat whatever you want and what you don't want to eat at any rate. It may be easy as well when you see all the objects. But in what way does it work with a pre-cooked dish? No problem, with Vegan Monkey you've always got the right showing pictures with you. And of course vegan people don't only want to eat, they need an accomodation, a car-rental or various other every day objects, too. Vegan Monkey is a complete package for your travelling in any country.

The idea of Vegan Monkey ripened during several months while travelling as family throughout various countries. We try to nourish conscious of and healthy in order to be able to offer our children the best nutrition and food. We live vegan and always natural. It's very important for us, not to eat any genetically modified products and to reduce the consumption of sugar.

We repeatedly encountered different problems, for the most part  linguisticly. In a lot of countries waiters and cooks don't speak English, neither the person at the vegetables-market. This non-understanding sometimes causes unpleasant and thrillingly situations, we can avoid now with VeganMonkey.


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