Our Values

Mission and values

What We Do

Our ultimate goal is to transform the ONLINE BUSINESS WORLD. To do this, we operate in many critical areas simultaneously. Our core business is our reseller platform, through which we provide hundreds of thousands of DIGISTORE MEMBERS with the technology to start and scale an automated online business.

We do this through the continuous development of our SOFTWARE SERVICES, which includes the largest AFFILIATE NETWORK for digital products and services. In everything we do, we focus on OPTIMISING the user experience and CONVERSION RATES. We offer product creators and affiliates an ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE, so that they can easily and simply MAKE THEIR ONLINE BUSINESS A SUCCESS with us.

Our Management

Sven Platte

Co-Founder | CMO

Christian Neise

Co-Founder | CTO

Anthony Kossatz

Co-Founder | CEO

Francis Wolff

CEO Digistore24 Inc.

Jolanta Schoida


Kyle Dana

Head of Marketing

Fran Jones

Head of Operations

Tony Moy

Head of Sales

Marinela Erdes

Head of HR

Our Vision