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Our highest goal is to transform the WORLD OF ONLINE BUSINESS. To achieve that, we are active in several important areas at the same time. Our core business is our reseller platform, where we automate the online business of tens of thousands of DIGISTORE24 MEMBERS, conquer technical obstacles and advise our customers.

On the one hand we do this by offering personal support and advice, on the other hand through the constant development of our SOFTWARE SERVICES. This of course also includes IMPROVING the user experience - including CONVERSION RATES as much as the general usability of our consistently growing platform. We offer an ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE to small and medium businesses, so that, with our help, they can ACHIEVE SUCCESS with their online business as easily and quickly as possible.

Lakeside villa office, Hildesheim

Our German location and the company headquarters are located in Hildesheim, Niedersachsen in a romantic lakeside villa.

Paradise Office, Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria has been chosen by us for our strategically located second office location, because Sofia has great recreational potential which allows us to recruit the most brilliant people for our team. We have baptised it our Paradise Office, having designed every detail of the office to create the best possible work atmosphere for our colleagues. The famous building is the best recognized office in Sofia and was elected in 2013 as Building of the Year.

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Sven Platte

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Anthony Kossatz


Christian Neise


Nadin Oheda


Jolanta Schoida

Client Relations

Claudio Marinow


Lars Rieger

Product Management

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